Continuum Classes in Milan, N.Y.
with Elaine Colandrea

Continuum in Italy March 2018- stay tuned!

Continuum classes are an invitation to slow down and pay attention to our true nature and inner wisdom. Explore the movement of breath, experience voiced sound permeating every cell, and move in fluid, spacious ways that emerge from attention to deeply felt sensation.

Continuum classes are an antidote to the speed and stress of everyday life. They are a support for other movement practices, for the creative process and for other healing modalities.

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Dances of the Dreaming Embryo

The gestures, movements and activities of embryonic development are universal patterns that go on throughout the stream of existence we call life.

The embryo is the most fluid time of our being, the essence of which can always inform us, the essence of which we can always use to deepen our understanding of our connection to all within us, and to all beyond the normal everyday level of existence.

We will explore embryonic movements with sound vibrations and breathing that frees us from constraint and limitation, and along the way better understand our capacity for growth and renewal at any stage of life.

Autumn Continuum 2017 with Elaine Colandrea in Milan, NY
Fresh Awakenings with Continuum

Weekly classes in Milan
(Red Hook) NY

Tuesdays   |  6:15 pm – 8:30 pm
September 26 thru November 14
Thursdays  |  10:15 am –12:30 pm
September 28 thru November 16

Donation to CFHV for Watermark Arts:
$160 Due:
Sept 15


Mail to: Elaine Colandrea, 375 Academy Hill Rd, Milan, NY 12571.